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Alma Caffe

Alma Cafe provides an experience of a neighborhood cafe with a combination of nostalgic design and colorfulness that allows you to relax and just enjoy the moment. At Alma you can meet third-generation coffee from a Sicilian family, alongside homemade pastries, breads and pastas. The kitchen combines dishes that brings back memories alongside innovative dishes that are as delicious as they look great on Instagram.

Double espresso

In the heart of Jaffa you can find the Double Espresso Cafe. A neighborhood urban cafe that offers fine coffee with a unique blend that is ground at that moment, personal and warm service and rich local cuisine with affordable prices.


A unique cafe-restaurant full of ornaments, pieces of nostalgia and a lot of blessed authenticity. A fun place for breakfast during the day, a good option for a light and non-binding lunch or dinner, and at night – a pleasant place to sit and have a drink in the heart of the main street of flea market, while watching passers-by. Among the dishes: breakfast of disassembled Sabih; Sea dish with lakerda, salmon, soused herring, taramosalata and cream cheese and a lentil salad with tomatoes, scallions, radishes and cilantro. A fun mix between slightly sophisticated food and light and accessible dishes.


Chef Uri Levy’s restaurant bar is one of the busiest places in the popular flea market. Rich brunch is served here, as well as dinners and overnight until the wee hours. In the morning you will find here options like sea fish fillet on the plancha with spinach and asparagus; A hamburger with lamb bacon or cheddar cheese; Fettuccine pasta with shredded sea fish; Pan of shrimp and arak with roasted tomatoes; And sirloin on the plancha with mashed potatoes. One of the those places that combine entertainment and food in the best way.

* reccommended *

abu Hassan

There is no one who does not know Humus Abu Hassan in Jaffa. It is one of the most famous institutions in Israel.
Abu Hassan on Dolphin Street is considered to be the boutique version of original one. For those who are looking for a good Msabaha or cooked food dishes from the early morning till noon – enjoyment is guaranteed.

el kalha

Ahmad Khatab, or Zizu as everyone calls him, is a member of a very old Jaffa family. The grandfather, Tawfiq Darwish al-Kalha, had a hummus restaurant in Jaffa during Mandatory Palestine. In 1948, very large parts of the family were dispersed and most of them found their place in Jordan. Over the years the sons and grandsons continued to engage in food and have a successful hummus restaurant chain in Jordan under the name AL KALHA.

Al Kalha Restaurant Jaffa presents a limited but precise menu with their signature dish – Fatteh, whose exact recipe has been one of the family’s kept secrets for a hundred years. Fatteh is an ancient dish from Shami cuisine (which you probably won’t find anywhere else in the country) based on a wonderfully balanced combination of chickpeas with pieces of soaked bread, chickpeas, toasted almonds, strips of sheitel meat, yogurt, butter and smen.

faruk bashuk

The restaurant run by Chef Alon Barnea in the heart of the flea market. Offers dishes from the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. A rich selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, seafood, meat and more alongside a varied wine menu and fine cocktails.


The Turkish food bar Onza is one of the most prominent places in the area of the busy flea market in Jaffa. While most of the entertainment venues in the market are attractions because of the atmosphere and the drinks, less so because of the food – you come to Onza first of all to eat. Among the dishes here: a fidaa with shrimp and lamb bacon; tartare tabouleh with burnt eggplant cream, fish, herb tabouleh and fried onions; Chicken yogurt on pita with roasted vegetables; Lahmajun (flatbread dish) with lamb and tomatoes.

Beit Kandinof

In one of the most impressive locations in Jaffa, is the Beit Kandinoff restaurant, a place you come to when looking for a light and unobtrusive atmosphere, good and unpretentious food and a design that leaves a mark. The hardest thing here is to choose which of the many spaces to sit inside, because each one is more attractive, colorful, and interesting than the other. The menu here is eclectic and includes options like shish kebab roasted eggplant and ricotta and baked eggplant on tomato cream and tulum cheese.


It is very difficult not to think of Greece when it comes to Kalamata of Jaffa. It is the combination of the menu, the view of Kdumim Square full of history, and of course the window facing the sea and next to it the most wanted table in the restaurant. The food in Kalamata includes hits like Greek salad; Pea spread from yellow peas with cumin and dried chili; Grape leaves; taramosalata and purple onion; Fried squid; Fish kebab with roasted peppers, chickpeas and lemon; And gyros lamb and chicken on pita with onion and cilantro.


One of the busiest food bars in the area. No matter when you pass through the Greek market, you will find the Ramesses full of diners and party lovers, especially on the weekends. This is a fairly large place, for which Eli Stein is responsible and he offers dishes that are fun to combine with alcohol. Among other things, you will find lamb here on red curry with chickpeas and fennel leaves; Zucchini with organic tomatoes and Turkish sheep cheese; Turkish kebab and more..

Par Derriere

The name “Par Derriere” means “in the back” – a hint of wonderful garden, which is located at the back of the restaurant and wine bar. The wine menu includes close to 100 types of wines from around the world, quality boutique wineries and a varied menu that contains, among other things, a Caesar salad with lamb bacon or shrimp; Chicken liver pate with onion jam and toasts; Fresh cauliflower salad with Chinese pecans; Carbonara pasta; Florentine pizza with spinach, chives, parmesan, egg and truffle oil and pepperoni pizza.

George and John

Since the opening of the elegant Drisco Hotel in the German Colony in Jaffa, George and John has quickly become one of the most talked about and valued elite restaurants in Israel. Chef Tomer Tal, one of the youngest and most talented chefs in the country, leads a personal and meticulous kitchen with original dishes, in a beautiful space behind which is a lot of history. On the white tablecloths Tal serves dishes that change all the time like steak albacore in spice broth; Roasted Japanese eggplant on coals with sour cream and lemon zest and blue jack mackerel on tomato gazpacho from Araba.


Mansura is excellent proof that it is possible to create a good place even without crazy public relations and media pressure – simply by hard work, a pleasant atmosphere and meticulous food that is rumored. The dishes at Mansura are varied and range from great vegetarian-vegan options, which pay homage to vegetables, fish and meat dishes. Among the options are a plate of great cheeses and honey from the Galilee; Blue Fin Tuna Steak; Beef tartare with egg yolk, capers and mustard; Terrine Beef tongue with mustard – horseradish and hazelnuts.


Michelangelo Café

Michelangelo café – restaurant on Michealangelo street is a vegan restaurant where you will find in its menu dishes that have been there for years, such as a vegan breakfast, focused on a quinoa omelet, a variety of colorful, healthy and delicious dishes from salads and breakfasts to mushroom and stew burgers. With an ecological approach where all the furniture is second hand, serving a straw on request, not wasting food as much as possible and of course recycling where it is obvious. The place provides a stage for artists’ exhibitions, lectures by interesting people, performances by musicians and every Tuesday evening you can sit and listen to the live jazz sounds of the home trio.