Inta Guide: Your way around

Visiting Israel soon? Our Inta Guide will help you around!

Today’s topic: Important rules and things you should know!

Let’s start with the basics: unfortunately, we are a country in conflict. Security checks are part of our everyday life, whether we enter the mall, central bus station, any train station and even nightclubs.

Another important thing you should know: in Israel it’s mandatory to tip in bars and restaurants. You should tip a minimum of 10%, and if you liked the service you’re very welcome to add more.

FIY Smokers and drinkers: No smoking is allowed indoors, and in some places it’s only allowed in certain areas; make sure to ask. Regarding weed – technically, possession and use is illegal in Israel, but Tel Aviv is a pretty cannabis friendly city. Just keep it low profile and you should be ok. The only restriction on alcohol is that you can’t buy it in supermarkets or shops after 11pm; in bars and such it’s all good.

You will notice scooter and bike rentals everywhere. It’s fun and so convenient, but know that you must ride in the specific bike lanes and if there aren’t any, take the road and drive according to traffic lights and signs. Do not use the pavement – otherwise you will get a fine.

Lastly, here are the emergency numbers for you to remember in case of need:

Police: 100

Health Emergency: 101

Fire Department: 102

Local City Services & Info: 106

Police – Not urgent: 110

See you next time with the 5 must-do tourist sites of Israel!

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