Inta Guide: Israeli Money – What can you buy with it?

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Today’s topic: Price range in Israel!

As of now, $1 is worth about 3.6₪, €1 is about 4.1₪ and £1 is 4.6₪ – making Israel’s currency one of the strongest in the Middle East and the world.

Unfortunately, Israel is quite expensive accordingly, especially Tel Aviv, being the most touristic city. The rest of the country is slightly cheaper, so we’ll give you the approximate Tel Aviv price-range and if you visit elsewhere, expect a nice surprise.

A proper meal in an inexpensive restaurant should cost you anything between 60-100₪. If you want to cheapen it up, you can always get a Falafel or Shawarma that can cost you between 25-50₪.

A cup of cappuccino would cost you about 10-14₪ in average, depending on size. Ordering beer in a bar should cost you between 28-40₪ depending on the type of beer. A bottle of beer in the supermarket would cost you less, around 10₪, perhaps less.

Prices of groceries: A carton of milk – 6₪; a loaf of white bread – 7₪; 1.5L water bottle – 5-6₪; a bottle of wine – 30-50₪; a pack of cigarettes: 30-40₪.

Lastly – a one way bus ticket, valid for an hour and a half should cost you 5.90₪.

For more on transport, please be sure to check our next Inta Gay Guide post!

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