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Inta Guide: Public Transport

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Today’s topic: Our public ransport!

It’s very likely you will stay in Tel Aviv or the Gush Dan area surrounding it, so we’ll focus on Tel Aviv. If you’re staying in the city center – everything is pretty much walking distance. Otherwise, we suggest you use the following transport methods:

Buses: They will get you everywhere inside Tel Aviv and around it. Using the app Moovit or Google Maps will help you find which bus to catch. Just remember that the bus system doesn’t operate on weekends due to Shabbat, starting Friday at 17:00 until Saturday at 20:00.

Luckily, there are special “Sherut” taxis that operate similarly to buses, though in minivans and a limited number of routes. Those operate all week, including weekends, and cost more or less the same as the bus.

There are of course the regular taxis, but they are not very cheap. Try to always ask for the meter (“Moneh”) and know that any fixed price for in-city rides that is above 60 Shekels is way too much.

Personally we think the best way to get around the city is cycling. We have plenty of rental services, the common ones being the city’s Tel-O-Fun service (green bikes) and the MoBike app (orange bikes). Make sure to always take the bike lane, since we have strict laws and you do not want to end up paying a fine!

Going to cities farther than Tel Aviv? Make sure to check our train system! During hours that aren’t peak you can grab a seat, enjoy the aircon and even charge your phone. Be sure to check the apps to see which cities are better off to visit by train and which by bus.

What about cars? Honestly, for a stay Tel Aviv, we don’t recommend it. Parking spaces are scarce or expensive and many lanes are for buses only – with heavy fines for those who drive on them.

Speaking of fines and how to avoid them, don’t miss our next post – important rules and things you should know.

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